Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pizza #14 Deweys

We went to Dewey's Pizza last Friday - an outing that was planned by Chuck.  Dewey's is a very popular restaurant in downtown Worthington and we went with John Lindamood and John Mueller. I will say from the outset that we were not the usual people to eat at Dewey's at 6:00 PM on a Friday night.

We had a few issues getting to the restaurant.  Chuck told me that John Lindamood would pick us up and that John Mueller would meet us at Dewey's.  We waited for 10 minutes and called John L and eventually drove to his house.   He was under the impression that we were picking him up!  (remember this outing was planned by Chuck!)  So, knowing that we would be late, I asked Chuck to call John M to let him know.  He had trouble using his cell phone.  I tried and found that he had the wrong number on his phone.  I asked John L who pulled out a notebook with number and he did not have the number either.  And at the same time, both assured me that John M never carried his cell phone anyway.

So, we got there late and sure enough John M did NOT have his phone with him.  I asked for the correct number to put into Chuck's phone, but he did not know it.  And Marsha was in Japan.  That kind of gives you an idea about traveling with these guys.

Anyway, the restaurant was very crowded and noisy with lots of families.  There was a window where we could watch the pizza maker throw the pizza in the air so that was fun to see.

Eventually we got to the table and then the service was great!  We had a server who John M described as "perky" and she was very helpful for us as we tried to understand the menu.  I got my beer and Chuck and I split a salad and an 11 inch cheese and sausage pizza.  John M got a Hawaiaan pizza and John L a veggie pizza.  The salad arrived within 5 minutes of ordering and the pizzas came very quickly too.  The salad was EXCELLENT!

Everyone took a taste of my pizza and pronounced it good but bland.  It was not gooey but pretty boring.  Chuck's sausage was spicy and both Johns enjoyed their pizzas - lots of ham on the Hawaiaan and lots of vegetables on the Veggie.   The crust was nice and crisp.

I asked everyone to describe the restaurant and they said "busy" and "noisy."  It had brick walls and kind of an "industrial" look.  John L said it was "no place for old people."  And maybe that is it.
They had a wide variety of interesting pizzas and craft beers and a real family vibe.  I think for many people, it is a fun place on a Friday night.

But it could be that we were just too old.

Pizza #13 Carsonies

Chuck and I went to Carsonie's in Westerville on a Monday afternoon at 4 PM.  That is one of our favorite times to eat because we are guaranteed good service and a quieter restaurant - which we experienced for sure.

We were familiar with Carsonie's having eaten here several times in the past but not necessarily eating pizza.  This time we came because it is close to our house and Chuck had a coupon!

I love the ambiance here.  It has a very family and Italian feel to it.  It had red and white checked tablecloths, tile floor, no music and lots of interesting pictures displayed on the wall.  Where in Max and Erma's restaurants I think that some faceless "corporate type" has selected the pictures - here you sense it is the owners - Frank and Millie.  There is a charicature of them on the wall and lots of different sports memorabilia including boxing, golf, tennis,  a box of "Flutie flakes"  and of course, Brutus Buckeye.

When we arrived the extremely friendly waitress told us that it would be 30 minutes to make the pizza.  We ordered a half cheese and half sausage pizza and split a salad.  She made and split the salad for us and it was delicious - fresh and tasty and large.

The pizza came much quicker than the 30 minutes she suggested and it was good.  For my taste it was too tomatoey but the crust was flavorful and crunchy.  It was good but not great.  But definitely the experience was above average.  Like some other restaurants we have tried - we will be coming back - but probably not for the cheese pizza.

When we got the bill we were delighted to see that the waitress was very generous with the coupon.  It was a good afternoon for us in every way.