Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pizza #24 Happy Pizza

Chuck and I decided to go to a pizza place last night and just started driving around and found Happy Pizza on the corner of Karl and 161.  We have noticed it before and gotten coupons in the mail, but this blog gave us the opportunity to check it out.

I knew I like the name and when we came in I liked the logo:  Eat Happy's Be Happy!.
When I saw the booths I thought we would be served by a waitress but unfortunately it was a restaurant where you order at the counter.  While it is called "Happy PIZZA" they make it clear that they offer far more than pizza. like ribs, chicken and fries.
They had a whole lot of specialty pizzas but I ordered the 10 inch cheese pizza for $5.99.  Chuck got a half pound of wings for the same price.  He was delighted to find that price included fries.
What was disappointing was not the food, but the service.  We received our order as a take out.
And never got plates and had to get napkins and very cheap plastic forks and knives at the counter.
Chuck asked for salt and someone scrounged up some packets for him.  The disappointment was because the pizza and the wings and the fries were good - especially the pizza.  The crust was thin enough and not like a cracker.  The cheese was gooey and flavorful and rich.  I could not finish.and Chuck brought half of his meal home too. 
So, the price was right and the food was good.  The location of this restaurant is also convenient for us and we like the booths.  It is too bad their service was lacking.  We will definitely do take out here.

In summary, Happy's pizza made me happier than the dining experience itself.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Pizza #23 Harvest Pizza

      Kim Veatch suggested that we try Harvest Pizza which was a new pizza place for both of us. We met for lunch and quickly decided to eat outside.

  I had noticed when I looked online for the best pizza places in Columbus Harvest Pizza was ALWAYS in the top three - so I was certainly aware of it. When I read about it online I have learned that they are famous for using local and organic ingredients. They use  cheeses, flour, and veggies from local farmers and have  artisan pizzas, made with fresh-tossed, cold-fermented dough that is cooked in a wood-fired oven.  And craft beers.

So, the menu had many more unusual offerings and did not have the standard "cheese pizza." Before I get to that there were the beers to select - they were out of the "Land Grant Glory" and instead I got this "Rheingeist Hustle" and it was great..
We decided to split the "Mean Green Salad" - it had Kale, pine nuts, avaocado and a delicious dressing.  It was different and  flavorful.
Then we split a 12 inch pizza and designed out own.  Half was the "cheese pizza" with a combination gouda/havarti and the other half had chicken, mushroom and we had garlic over all.  The sauce we selected was almond pesto.
It was fabulous.  Kim remarked how she could taste all the different flavors.  It was "mouth bursting" savory and just the most interesting and tasty pizza I have ever had. Period the end.

In some ways, it is impossible to compare Harvest Pizza to any other one.  It is unique, upscale and truly "artisan."  It is also far and away the most expensive pizza experience I have had to date - with tip included this lunch for the two of us was about $45. There are two Harvest Pizzerias in Columbus - in Clintonville (where we ate) and in German Village.  Every aspect of our meal  - the beer, the salad and the pizza - was distinctive and I would totally recommend it for a special outing.