Monday, June 27, 2016

Pizza # 22 BJs

Audrey and I went out to lunch with Maggie and Audrey suggested B'J's Brewhouse as a great pizza place.  Now I know BJs and have eaten there often and NEVER thought of having pizza there and Audrey loves their pizza in Tuscon - so we gave it a try.
 BJ's is a sports bar that is really contemporary and polished.  There are lots of TV's, art work like the mural on the outside, tables and booths and hard wood floors.

This was my first time going to a restaurant with Maggie without her parents so I had a new appreciation for wait staff when you come with a toddler.  And BJ's did a great job. They found us a high chair for her and quickly gave her a children's menu and crayons.  We texted Marnie to find out what she would like to eat and she said chicken tenders and then Audrey ordered Mac and Cheese. She liked that too.  What impressed me is that the waitress knew to put Maggie's in first.  Kudos!
We just made it through the meal before she got fussy (and then slept in the car on the way back)
I got a special beer which I can't remember the name of - (there is a theme here!) - that was wheat beer and delicious.  Audrey found out there was a special on the IPA and got that.  we both like our beer.  We ordered the lunch special - BJ's one topping mini pizza with a salad.  Audrey got Caesar Salad and I got a wedge and we were both pleased.

She got a pepperoni salad and I got cheese.  It was good - very cheesy with a thick crust that was almost buttery. It was a little salty.  Audrey also like hers but she said the pizza was better in Tuscon.
AND in Tuscon you can get reduced rates on movies at the BJ's restaurants.  Not here.

We were very pleased with this trip.  I thought the pizza was very good and would order it again.  So, now, when I think pizza I might come up with BJ's Brewhouse.

Pizza # 21 Tommy's

 Fred and Gail Taschner recommended that we try Tommy's restaurant and so we did.  I vaguely remembered this pizza from when I lived in upper Arlington in the early 80's.  And so it was probably not my first time eating this pizza - but my memory is pretty dim at this point!

Tommy's pizza is the 2nd oldest pizza restaurant in Columbus.  I know this because I looked on their website which includes their history and FAQ.  I thought that  having Frequently Asked Questions was pretty unusual for a pizza restaurant.  Anyway, my research informed me that there are three Tommys in Columbus - the first one was started on 5th Avenue near Cassidy in 1952.  We went to the second restaurant in Lane Avenue that was opened in 1963.  What was noteworthy when first arriving was that the only picture on the walls was the founder - Tommy Iocona.  Fred and Gail have memories of eating here at the same time as Woody Hayes - so it is old and carries lots of history of Columbus, I am sure.

The look of the building and the sign greatly represent the 60's.. It has formica tables,  green carpet (is it the original?) and spindles on the dividers between booths that I have in my 1969 era home. If it wasn't historically significant I would call the decor bland.

Anyway, we ordered our requisite beer and pizza. And a salad.  I got a cheese pizza of course and Gail and Fred's had something on it - but i can't remember but theirs was good.  Not as good as the last time they came - but good.
My pizza was also good.  It has an adequate amount of cheese and sort of a smokey taste. It has a more tomatoey sauce that Fred described as "piquant" in flavor.  Tommy's crust is thin and almost like a cracker.  At some point whether you like this is all about personal preference.

And my preference is - that it was good - but not great.  I would have like more cheesy flavor and less tomato. And I was not crazy about the crust. But that is just me.

I would definitely recommend Tommy's as a place to go to that takes you back in time - to the ambiance of the 60's and all that we remember of those years!.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Pizza # 20 Dantes

Chuck is the one who recommended Dantes in  in Clintonville.  and so we decided to have a pizza night tonight.  He had been here once before and I had never tried it.  It is a very unassuming restaurant on the outside - in fact at first we thought it was closed! 
As we came in we were directed to the small dining room.  I counted 11 tables that were pretty close together.  It is carpeted with brick walls and brown siding.  The tables are formica and Chuck thought the chairs were comfortable.  I noticed that most of the "pictures" on the wall were beer ads.  There was no music in the background. It had a distinct neighborhood vibe with very friendly and accomodating waitstaff.  But really - you don't come here for the ambiance.

 This was the most interesting decor - an anheiser busch lamp!

We ordered a 12 inch pizza - half cheese and half green pepper and ham and a bud light. And we split a side salad that they graciously put into two salad bowls.  The salad - even though mostly iceberg lettuce - was delicious!
The pizza came in exactly 20 minutes and it was wonderful.  The cheese  was gooey, stringy and delicious.  The crust was thin and still flavorful.  It was a classic pizza and I really enjoyed it.  Chuck said he would definitely put it in his top 5.

I ate more than I intended - it was really good!

When it was time to pay, I was surprised to find out that they do not take credit cards but only checks and cash.  They would wait if we had to go to an ATM/  I was grateful that I happened to have cash with me - but often I don't so that could have been problemmatic.

So, it was a great pizza in a place that was an ordinary neighborhood joint.  BUT plan ahead and bring cash or check!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pizza #19 Eagles Villa Pizza

Today I called Kacey and Alyse and asked them to find a good pizza place where we could meet.  We came up with this New Albany original and it was a very good experience for us all.
I entered the door off the parking lot. Alyse and Kacey tried this door on the street which has the name of the restaurant.  Unfortunately, it was locked.  Not a good beginning for Alyse.

The restaurant is warm and inviting.  It has brick walls, carpeted floors and wooden tables and booths.  The decorating is full of antiques and souvenirs of the past.  Kacey called it "kitschy" but I would call it "historical."  There were arrowheads, a bow and arrow and even an axe displayed.
I thought it was pretty different having weapons on the wall!

  I liked the yoke that was over the counter where we ordered.  That was a disappointment, because this restaurant fails to meet a basic category for me - I like to be waited on.  We placed our own order and then it was delivered.  I asked the waiter about the decor thinking there would be a really interesting story about the owner, but he didn't know much more than the owner collects "this stuff."

Also, I noticed and like the music in the background.  When I came in they were playing "Killing me softly" and over the time we were there I liked all of the songs.  Chuck did not like the seats because they were too hard for him.

Anyway, I ordered my small cheese pizza, Chuck ordered cole slaw and fries, Kacey ordered a Hawaiian pizza and Alyse got a sub sandwich.  It all was delivered pretty quickly.

 The cheese pizza was declared "very good" by Kacey.  It was very flavorful, cheesy, with a thin crunchy crust.  I liked it as well and ended up eating much more pizza than I should have.  Chuck prefers Kentucky Fried Chicken cole slaw to theirs but we all liked the fries.  Alyse seemed to like her sandwich except she removed the meat.  So it was basically tomatos, bread and cheese.  And Kacey liked her pizza.

The best part of the whole dining experience was - of course - being with my daughter and granddaughter.  Alyse was happy because we let her do this:

Anyway, the bottom line here is - good pizza.  But no beer and again - I do like to be served. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pizza #18 Pizza Hut

I took Addie to the movies - Angry Birds - and then afterwards convinced her that she wanted pizza.  We tried the pizza hut on Dublin Granville Road.  Of course, I have been to pizza hut many, many times and in different places and their pizza is among my very favorite.  So I came with a good appetite and an expectation of really enjoying the pizza.

Here is a picture of the restaurant.

 It is not in the best part of the city and it is probably the least appealing pizza hut I have been too.  Both Addie and I felt like it had a funny smell.  We were there at 2 in the afternoon and we disappointed that the carpet needed vacuuming.  Addie noticed that the ceiling was kind of different.

I ordered a cheese personal pan pizza and Addie ordered a children's pizza and they were exactly the same size.  It came promptly and the service was good.  The pizza was - for me - great!  It is cheesy, gooey, flavorful and I love the crust. It is thick and greasy and delicious.

What was most interesting to us was the corner of the restaurant that was FILLED with pizza boxes.  We decided that this restaurant is making its business in carryout.  And that is what I would recommend here.