Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Pizza #27 Rubino's

Fred and Gail Taschner recommended this pizza place to me because they had read that it was supposed to be really excellent pizza.  It was a first time for all of us trying it.

Rubin's is a beloved Bexley institution known for its thin crust, cheap prices and cash only policy. 
It has its own fame as the writer Bob Green referenced it in his memoir Be True to Your School. 

We found it to be unique in several ways.  The first being - of course - that it was cash only and I was happy Gail gave me the heads up on that.  Second, the prices were very reasonable.  It is a long time since I paid 75 cents for a pop at a restaurant.  We also like the family ambiance with a Ms Pac man on the floor as well as a F-14 tomcat.   I got a kick out of the way Fred's water was served:

 I ordered  a salad which was mostly iceberg lettuce and  cheese pizza and Chuck ordered spaghetti.  Fred ordered pepperoni pizza and Gail ordered spaghetti.  It came quickly and all was delicious.  The pizza had a thin crust  with a great flavor.  It was not overly sauced and had good quality cheese on it.  I ate every bite. Everyone else enjoyed their meals.

There was only one problem with Rubino's for us.  It is a small restaurant and a family place.  It is noisy and when we were there a toddler with an ear piercing scream made our trip less than perfect.

In all, it is good pizza and a very good value.

.  But alas - no beer served and no credit cards allowed.

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