Saturday, September 10, 2016

Pizza #28 Carrabbas

Carrabbas is not a new restaurant for me.  I first went to it when we lived in Bowling Green and have been to the restaurant here in Polaris several times.  I had lunch with Trixie and she was game to try another pizza with me for this blog.

Even though I have been here, I had never ordered pizza.  And I was very very happy to find that they really have a great one!  In fact, this restaurant has everything I like in a pizza outing.

We met at noon which is often a busy time but it was quiet and very comfortable.  The restaurant has brick walls, carpeted floor, large booths, an open kitchen and a very comfortable vibe. .  There was music in the background and it was from the "Great American Songbook."   All of this is what makes ME happy.
I ordered a bud light and we split a pizza that was half cheese and half sausage  and each had a salad.  I was really happy with both the salad and the beer. 
Just looking at these pictures you can see the excellent  presentation of the  bread, the oil, the beer and the fresh, colorful mixed salad.  All of it was delicious and prepared and served well.

And the pizza was delicious.  It is a wood fired pizza with a hand done crust.  It was tomatoey  the sauce was flavorful and the cheese was rich and tasty.  I really liked this pizza!  And I liked the cheese more than the sausage.

I am over half way through my 50 pizzas and I have learned along the way that the whole of the dining experience matters to me - as well as the pizza itself.  Carabbas really was a great meal for me - quiet, comfortable, excellent salad, bread, beer and pizza.  I recommend.

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