Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pizza #30 Donatos

Sunday Addie and Reagan were with us for dinner and we were in a hurry to eat so we went to the very closest pizza place to our home - Donatos.  Donatos is a chain all around Columbus and there is one on Tamarack circle that we have been to a lot over the years.

This restaurant is big and has a lot of tables in it but does not have a wait staff.  Instead you order your pizza at the counter.  We ordered a large cheese pizza, an order of Asiago bread and fountain drinks all around.

As we sat down I notices that it had been upgraded since I had been there last.  There was lots of seating in comfortable booths.  I asked the girls to describe it to me and they said: "fake plants, kind of cold, smells like disinfectant, brick walls, many windows, cameras pointed on the customers, and lights are weird."

Actually the lights were interesting and I liked them - the shades were all collanders and it was very creative.

There is a room beside the dining area that we had often used to have meetings in for church.  There were people there who had children who were literally running and screaming around the restaurant.  We were the only people eating so it was a little disturbing.  Reagan and Addie amused themselves with taking selfies:

I was very disappointed with the service - such as it was.  The pizza came in the pizza box at least 5 minutes before the bread.  She handed us paper plates.  We had to go to the counter to get plastic forks and knives. (yes - I eat the first hot bites of pizza usually with a fork and knife!)

The pizza itself was good but a little greasy.  After all the pizzas I have been trying this year, I found that Donatos was not as good as I remembered - or maybe my taste is becoming more "elevated."  None of us like the bread very much - there was a funny flavor to the cheese.

So, the best part of Donatos for us now is that it is close to home. 

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