Saturday, September 10, 2016

Pizza # 29 Cucinova

Today Chuck suggested that we try a pizza place that he had been to before and that he had a coupon for.  So with a Prestige Dining Club Card in hand we drove to Sumeno's Italian Restaurant on Sawmill.  And found out that it is no more!  Apparently Chuck liked it - but not everyone else.
So I suggested we just drive north on Sawmill and look for the next pizza place and sure enough we found Cucinova.

When I entered the restaurant I was disappointed to find that it was like a "cafeteria" or like Chipotles.  There is no wait staff - you go through a line and design your own.  The sign on the wall said: "made from scratch and your creativity."  But we were here and hungry and gave it a try.

The problem with me is that I always get anxious because I don't know what to order.  I followed a young woman and paid attention to what she was doing and so I ordered a very particular pizza - the sauce was a combination of basil pesto and garlic.  I had two kinds of cheese - fresh mozzarella and fontina, and carmelized onion.  We ordered a 10 inch pizza and split it and it was more than enough.  We also ordered a salad to split and put in mushrooms, peppers, olives, croutons, cucumbers, and more.  They also had "craft beer" so I ordered a flat tire and Chuck got a coke.

We went to sit in a booth and then they called my name.  And it was delicious - a really great pizza!
It was - of course - hot and fresh and really flavorful.  I think it was the pesto sauce that gave it that special something.

 We sat in a booth and were very comfortable.  However, the restaurant itself is "industrial" with pretty uncomfortable looking chairs. 

This is a chain and I would recommend it - especially for people who want to do it their way.!

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